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Employment Services

The NAIC endeavours to helping newcomers to Canada by getting them vital tools of job search and assists them every step the way to build connections, get their qualification accredited, upgraded and recognized for employment in Canada.

Assistance to Newcomers

Helping new immigrants settle down in Canada is primmest to us as we strive to build a nation of new immigrants. Canada is known for a country of new immigrants and we put emphasis on the fact we as community association live up to that reputation by giving a helping hand to everybody who comes to us.

Honouring the Pioneers

NAIC takes pride in celebrating the accomplishments of people from all walks of life. We celebrate with businesspeople, entrepreneurs, community leaders, executives, politicians, the police, the fire department and others. We honour top achiever at our Annual Awards Gala and Dinner event.

Blood and Organ Donations

In a spirit of collaboration and good citizenship to share experiences involves a lot of activities including blood and organ donation and shelters and support for new Canadians.

Free Income Tax Camp

An Income Tax Camp is organized each year to provide free service to seniors, students, disabled, single mothers and other underprivileged  persons. Tax returns are prepared and filed without any charges and service is rendered at no cost.

Celebration of Culture

The NAIC is celebrating India Day 2018 on August 19th, 2018. We expect performing artists from India collaborate with local artists. We recently participated in the celebration of Asian Heritage Month in partnership with the Canadian Multicultural Council. The NAIC will also participate in Diwali, Eid and other cultural events.

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